Meet LoriI'm Lori Fougere.

I am on a “deadly ass soul” (not my words)  nourishing journey.

At my core I am a kind, loving, human being who sees the good in our world, in people & in my life.

My journey is about stepping outside the safe zone, of my mind as if often hinders the way I see and live my life.

When asked “what do you do for a living?” I cringe.

My main roles mom, wife, MIL, daughter, sister, friend, advocator, caregiver, auntie, SIL (sis in law) are my natural roles.

I am a trained life coach and leadership graduate.

What I do is live my life as fully as possible around my obligations and responsibilities.

Recently I moved to Papua New Guinea with my husband. I have had a few major challenges in my life and this is one ranks up there.

More about life here in PNG through my blog.

As I head into part two of my life, I realize what my life experiences were preparing me for. I've known and overcome adversity and I have a passion for helping people.  My passion comes alive when I am helping people overcome their struggles and take control of their lives.

Professional Life Coach Training.

I am a professionally trained Co-Active Life Coach with CTI, The Coaches Training Institute. Co-active coaching involves helping people learn life skills and tactics to cope with difficult situations. It’s like stocking a tool box that can be used to manage life situations beyond our control.

Today, everyday, I choose to be happy. I find gratitude in my life and make my world a better place. It wasn’t always this way. I'm strong and have fierce courage when needed, BUT I didn’t always have strategies to deal with what life threw at me. Through my experience with a wonderful life coach I was able to find myself, embrace my true self and learn to love who I am.


My favorite quote:

What lies behind you and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.

Ralph Waldo Emerson



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